Emergency Alert System

A system in SAS mode to send immediate alerts

in case of major event (such as natural risks or accidents)

No need for hardware investment customers

TeleAlert is an automated EAS (Emergency Alert System), to send immediate information in case of major events.

We propose a new All-hazard warning system, a lot more efficient and dedicated than broadcast systems, to assist individuals, including those with disabilities. These individuals may be pre-recorded or selected because they are in a geographical zone exposed to natural or known or industrial risks.

GEDICOM provides the backbone for a robust emergency alert capability at all levels. This backbone is operational 365/24/7 (located in international Telecity Group Infrastructures).

It is incorporating leading-edge technologies for Internet Protocol (IP) enabled communications, in order to lower running costs. The backbone is links to international telecom operators and calling capacity is maintained up to date to face increasing number of customers.

It adapts easily to meet requirements as specified by an executive order, and can be set up very simply and quickly to be operational within days or weeks.

Immediatly ready

Once booked for, Service can be used remotely, thanks to GEDICOM web sites facilities. It can be accessed with a PC connected on the Internet, through most browsers. Internet access is backed up by pre-set up telephone procedures, to allow triggering of phone calls and broadcast of specific messages within clicks.